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Stampa cattolica e vita internazionale "alla scoperta del politico" : dottorato di ricerca in storia internazionale e metodi di elaborazione multimediale : tesi di dottorato

Caianello, Alberto <1972- >

Tesi o dissertazioni - 2004

This work studies attitude of italian catholic movement in front of problems of international life and progressive "discovery of politics". With a very thorough study on catholic press the work compares positions of several "souls" of the movement and identifies in the 1903 the year of the tourning point, thanks to the contemporaneous rise to power of Giolitti, Pio X and Combes too.After 1903 in the catholic movement develops a faction that looks for to overcome the integrist mentality and wants to analyse the problems of foreign policy "iuxtaprincipia propria". An attempt that however remains inadequate: the religious reasons remain predominant compared to politic and social considerations, and the two options (religious and rational-patriotic) don't fuse in one thought.
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