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Una cucina originale. Un'indagine qualitativa sulla cucina "di territorio" come campo di produzione culturale nel caso di una citta del Nord Italia : dottorato di ricerca in sociologia :: tesi di dottorato di ricerca

Domaneschi, Lorenzo

Tesi o dissertazioni - 2007

An Original Kind of Cuisine. A qualitative study about the gastronomical field as a field of cultural production in a Nothern Italian City Culinary cultures are often presented and offered throughout public commercial spaces, showing in this way a clear example of culinary commodification and expressing at least a kind of simulation of a certain geographical identity. Otherwise, again for that reason, in a globalizing context such as the contemporary one, food represents more and more one of the main channel to spread, among popular culture, almost some images of different national identities. This kind of interpretation of food inside these sort of venues wrking along the “tradition” issue, allows to analyze the eating out culture as a complex way to reproduce different forms of cultural identity, especially the one build on the geographical belonging. The aim of this analysis is to show how these narratives of belonging are mainly constructed through the gathering of different spatial [...]
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