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Characterization of the mink-AB/1-wave2 complex : dottorato di ricerca in medicina molecolare : tesi di dottorato

Gugiatti, Marina <1976- >

Tesi o dissertazioni - 2008

Thesis abstract: GUGIATTI MARINA N¡matr. : R05710 CHARACTERIZATION OF THE MINK-ABI1-WAVE2 COMPLEX Wave proteins form a pentameric heterocomplex by binding Abi1, NAP1, PIR121 and HSPC300. To identify new factors that may spatially and temporally control the WAVE activity, we set out to uncover novel interactors of the WAVE complex.In a screening of brain cDNA library by phage display, we fished out MINK serine/threonine kinase as novel potential interactor of the SH3 domain of Abi1. Co-immunoprecipitation experiments validated the association of Abi1 with MINK and its homologues TNIK and NIK/HGK. Using ectopic expression of proteins, we demonstrated that MINK can also associate with WAVE2 via Abi1. To address the possible functional role of the MINK-Abi1-WAVE2 complex we showed, by in vitro kinase assays, that Abi1 not only enhances MINK kinase activity but also is directly phosphorylated by MINK. Furthermore, we demonstrated that Abi1 also significantly augments MINK-dependent p38 and JNK activity, indicating the existence of an Abi1-MINK-p38/JNK signalling pathway [...]
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