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Mito e simbologia della frontiera : il confine Messico-Stati Uniti nella cultura chicana fra storia, leggenda, arte e rappresentazione : dottorato di ricerca in anglistica : tesi di dottorato

Lembo, Paola <1976- >

Tesi o dissertazioni - 2009

Aztlán Regained: Myth and Symbol of the Border. Mexico-USA Divide in Chicano Culture across History, Legend, Art and Representation PhD Thesis by Paola Lembo Abstract The present survey grows out of the persuasion that an all-constant critical analysis is needed to make the US identity face the aporia of its formation, by opposing the assumed exceptionalism of the traditional American studies to the indomitably hybrid nature of the North American continent. The core question I put myself – as well as the theoretical starting point of this study – is: where do the United States start and finish? Thereof a set of remarks grew out which imply some preliminary ideas on the border, not only seen as a cultural, historical and mythological archetype, but also as a crucial factor within the process of definition of the self. It’s thru the border – and its material/symbolic presence – that the Chicanos tell and depict themselves, thus going back over the primal and paradigmatic element of identity, [...]
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