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Gendered palimpsests : written bodies and female readings in contemporary british culture : dottorato di ricerca in anglistica : tesi di dottorato

Maioli, Francesca

Tesi o dissertazioni - 2009

Over the last 30 years, the body has established itself as the unquestioned protagonist of the contemporary age. It has been analyzed, represented and discussed as a privileged cultural text, and one that is able to convey our sense of identity and our discourses about identity, especially after the Cartesian dualism has become an extremely outdated notion. The body is now central within all fields of humanities, but it is specifically cultural and gender studies that have been taking it as the essential point for theoretical speculation, and they provide the theoretical bases for this work. Starting from a foucaultian interpretation of the body as a cartography of power, this work is aimed at considering the body as a text, or, more specifically, as a palimpsest where the most relevant social and cultural meanings are inscribed. And the quintessential carrier of those meanings is the female body. This works, then, analyses the issue of the body as a palimpsest starting from a methodological approach merging cultural studies with gender studies [...]
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