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New sources of stem cells for regenerative medicine : dottorato di ricerca in biochimica : tesi di dottorato di ricerca

Colazzo, Francesca <1979- >

Tesi o dissertazioni - 2008

NEW SOURCES OF STEM CELLS FOR REGENERATIVE MEDICINE Francesca Colazzo In this study natural and derived progenitor cells were studied for their potential in regenerative medicine. First, by using an unnatural purine, a generation of multipotent progenitor cells from adult differentiated cells was evalued. In this study primary cultures of murine and human dermal fibroblasts were used. Treatment reduced cell proliferation, also cells became polynucleated. When treated cells were co-cultured with murine myoblasts (C2C12) in differentiation medium, they co-differentiated with C2C12 to form myotubes. Treated cells were also differentiated into osteoblasts and smooth muscle. To evaluate in vivo plasticity, treated fibroblasts were injected into injured tibial muscle of mice. Analysis of muscle indicating a contribution of reversine dedifferentiated fibroblasts to regenerating muscle. In the second part of this study, phenotype and function of a new source of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) were evaluated [...]
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