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Identification and characterization of the acidic sialidase present on human erythrocyte membranes : dottorato di ricerca in scienze biochimiche, nutrizionali e metaboliche : tesi di dottorato di ricerca

D'Avila, Francesca <1978- >

Tesi o dissertazioni - 2008

ABSTRACT Sialidases are enzymes widely distributed in nature, from viruses to vertebrates. They play a key role in the metabolism of sialoglycoconjugates. It has become evident that the partial desialylation of senescent erythrocyte membrane sialoglycoconjugates may be an important signal for erythrophagocytosis. The removal of sialic acid from the sialoglycoconjugates is assumed to be promoted by the sialidases present on the membranes. The presence of two sialidases in human erythrocyte membranes has been previously reported. One acts optimally at acidic pH and the other one at neutral pH. In order to identify the exact nature of these two sialidases and the enzyme–membrane leaflet interaction, we incubated the erythrocyte membranes with different solutions. We obtained interesting results when we treated the membranes with 0.1 M sodium carbonate pH 11.5. We demonstrated that sodium carbonate caused the partial release of the acidic sialidase from erythrocyte membranes, whereas the neutral one remained totally membrane-associated [...]
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