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Biochemical analysis of regulation mechanism of ACA8, a type 2.B Ca2+-ATPase from Arabidopsis thaliana : dottorato di ricerca in biologia vegetale : tesi di dottorato

Fusca, Tiziana <1977- >

Tesi o dissertazioni - 2009

Identifying the physiological roles of Ca2+-ATPases and their regulatory mechanisms are an important tool for understanding how different external stimuli can mediate physiological responses in plant cells by using Ca2+ as a second messenger. The regulation of Ca2+ pumps is important because their activity can alter the magnitude, duration and frequency of a Ca2+ signal. Plant Ca2+-ATPases have not been as well characterized as animal pumps; so the aim of my work was to investigate the regulatory mechanisms using Ca2+-ATPase ACA8 from Arabidopsis as a model. This type IIB Ca2+ pump possess a regulatory N-terminus whose autoinhibitory action can be suppressed by binding of calmodulin (CaM) or of acidic phospholipids (APLs). In particular I examined two aspects: the response of At-ACA8 to APLs and its autoinhibition mechanism. The results obtained show that At-ACA8 is activated by APLs: the efficiency of this stimulation is correlated with the number of theirs negative charges. The mechanism [...]
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