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Frataxin, a protein involved in iron metabolism, in Arabidopsis thaliana : dottorato di ricerca in biologia vegetale : tesi di dottorato

Vazzola, Valentina <1980- >

Tesi o dissertazioni - 2009

Sommario in lingua inglese Tesi Dottorato Valentina Vazzola: Frataxin, a protein involved in iron metabolism, in Arabidopsis thaliana Frataxin is a nuclear-encoded mitochondrial protein; its precise physiological role is still matter of debate. Many scientific reports show that frataxin acts both as an iron reservoir and as an iron chaperone able to deliver iron to different proteins. Frataxin is an essential protein for most living organisms; in humans, reduced expression of frataxin is associated with Friedreich’s ataxia, a recessive inherited neurodegenerative and cardiac disorder causing a reduction of life expectancy; in mice, frataxin lack causes embryo lethality. The Arabidopsis frataxin homolog is a mitochondria-localized protein, encoded by a single nuclear gene, AtFH. By analyzing two T-DNA mutants, we have shown that knocking out of AtFH gene causes embryo lethality: no homozygous null plants could be isolated in the progeny of heterozygous plants; moreover, around ¼ of seeds produced from heterozygous plants contained embryos arrested at early stages of development [...]
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