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Characterization of three hLSD1 splicing variants and investigation of LSD1 role in maintenance and survival of human embryonic stem cells : dottorato di ricerca in biotecnologie applicate alle scienze mediche : tesi di dottorato

Adamo, Antonio <1981- >

Tesi o dissertazioni - 2008

FUNCTIONAL CHARACTERIZATION OF THREE HUMAN LSD1 SPLICING ISOFORMS AND STUDY OF THE ROLE OF LSD1 IN STEMNESS This project has been focused on the study of the biological role and the biochemical properties of the histone demethylase LSD1 and of three LSD1 splicing variants; we propose that the inclusion of one or two differentially spliced exons can modulate the activity of the protein and the binding to molecular partners. All the LSD1 variants are able to demethylate the lys4 residue of the H3 and act as a repressor. Furthermore we investigated the functions of LSD1 in the maintenance and survival of human embryonic stem cells using a short hairpin expressing lentiviral vector; we suggest that the expression of LSD1 in hES cell is fundamental for the maintaining in a repressed state of different developmental genes belonging to the endodermal embryonic line of commitment. We also demonstrated that the Sh1-hES4 cell line is able to differentiate to the three germinal layers. The LSD1 knock-dowm [...]
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