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L'emopoiesi in corso di infiammazione mediata da cellule T : dottorato di ricerca in biotecnologie applicate alle scienze mediche : tesi di dottorato

Casati, Anna <1977- >

Tesi o dissertazioni - 2008

ANNA CASATI Matricola:R06443 Dottorato di Ricerca in Biotecnologie Applicate alla Scienze Mediche TITOLO: L'EMOPOIESI IN CORSO DI INFIAMMAZIONE MEDIATA DA CELLULE T We characterized cellular composition in the bone marrow of two murine models of T cell dependent immunopathology: calreticulin-deficient fetal liver chimeras and inflammatory bowel disease. In the bone marrow of these two experimental models we observed an altered B cell lymphopoiesis with a selective repression of pro-B, pre-B and immature B cell subsets. In contrast, the relative representation of the mature B cell compartment in the bone marrow was significantly increased. During infection, acute monocyte and granulocyte responses are crucial for host protection, and, in contrast to lymphocytes, most mature granulocytes and monocytes are short lived. To analyse at which level immunopathological T cell activation affected haematopoiesis, we scored hematopoietic progenitors and defined the reciprocal relationship between immature B cell progenitors and granulocyte/monocyte precursors [...]
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