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Sintesi e meccanismo d'azione dei farmaci antimalarici : dottorato di ricerca in chimica del farmaco

Coghi, Paolo <1972- >

Tesi o dissertazioni - 2008

Malaria nowadays remains one of the worlds greatest public health problems, especially in the developing countries. Despite numerous efforts expended to reduce its mortalityand morbidity,[1] malaria still threatens approximately 2 billion people worldwide, being responsible for almost two million deaths per year, mostly among young children in sub-Saharan Africa.[2] Among the four malaria species that infect humans, the parasite P. falciparum is universally considered the most aggressive. Particularly impressive is its ability in mutating forms in response to administered antiplasmodial treatment, rapidly giving rise to adaptation and resistance. 4-Aminoquinolines have recently been indicated to be an important class of chemotherapeutic agents for artemisinin based antimalarial combination therapy. A rapid, cheap, possibly clean and scalable route to 4-aminoquinolines endowed with multiple diversity is therefore badly needed. We here report microwave flash-heating chemistry to allow the [...]
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