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Poly(amidoamine)s of biotechnological interest : dottorato di ricerca in chimica industriale : tesi di dottorato

Martello, Federico <1980- >

Tesi o dissertazioni - 2008

Abstract: Poly(amidoamine)s (PAAs) represent a promising material for drug delivery applications. They are synthetic functional polymers endowed with a combination of properties making them suitable for a variety of biomedical applications mostly related to drug delivery systems. PAAs can be obtained by stepwise polyaddition of primary or secondary aliphatic amines to bisacrylamides. The synthesis is carried out in water or protic solvent, with a mild base and at room temperature. In the first section of this thesis, a group of novel amphoteric PAAs homo- and copolymers containing secondary and tertiary amine groups in their main chain and different structures in the bisacrylamide segments were synthesized and evaluated as magnetic nanoparticles coating agents. In the second section of this thesis, a general method for preparing linear high polymers of peptides was investigated. Polymers with an average molecular weight included in the range 3000 – 40000 were obtained by Michael polyaddition [...]
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