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Synthetic and natural compounds for phytoplasma-disease control : dottorato di ricerca in chimica, biochimica ed ecologia degli antiparassitari e degli xenobiotici : tesi di dottorato

Chiesa, Serena Giorgia <1980- >

Tesi o dissertazioni - 2009

SYNTHETIC AND NATURAL COMPOUNDS FOR PHYTOPLASMA-DISEASE CONTROL Phytoplasmas are wall-less bacteria that cause more than 700 plant diseases. Control is very difficult because no efficient agrochemicals are known for their suppression. With the aim of finding new strategies to control, a series of natural and synthetic compounds were tested to study their activity. We optimized an in vivo method to test compounds with Catharanthus roseus L. and two phytoplasmas (Chrysanthemum yellows, Elm Yellow). The compounds were supplied to plants in different way: embedded in agar medium, sprayed, applied by root absorption or by scion dipping. The responses of periwinkles to the treatments were studied by recording symptoms and by microscopic observation. Twenty-three compounds were chosen on the basis of their mechanism of action: -Plant resistance inducers (Phosethyl-Al, Chitosan, Acibenzolar-S-Methyl, Prohexadione-Ca, Riboflavin/Methionin) -Secondary metabolites of fungal origin (Cercosporin, Cladosporol, [...]
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