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Riparazione per danni immateriali nelle relazioni tra stati : dottorato di ricerca in diritto internazionale : tesi di dottorato

Fasoli, Elena <1980- >

Tesi o dissertazioni - 2009

Reparation for Non-Material Damages in Interstate Legal Relations According to the International Law Commission (ILC) the expression ‘non-material’ damage is taken to encompass, on the one hand, the ‘typical’ concept of moral damage, and, on the other, the legal damage suffered by a State which consists of the violation of a legal right per se. Legal literature on the subject of non-material damage is unclear. International practice dealing with violations of bilateral and multilateral obligations illustrates two relevant criteria in order to identify it: the content of the primary rule and the particular circumstances of the case. Among the forms of reparation, declaratory judgments and the obligation to annul the act which constituted an international tort seem the most appropriate forms of reparation for legal damage, whereas official apologies or the punishment of guilty officials usually repair moral damage. In examining to what extent these types of damages are invoked by States and [...]
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