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Preclusioni e decadenze nell'evoluzione del processo civile : dottorato di ricerca in diritto processuale civile : tesi di dottorato

Giana, Silvia <1980- >

Tesi o dissertazioni - 2009

SOMMARIO The piece analyses the development of the two institutions, exceptions and lapses in Italian civil proceedings in over a century of legislative and judicial activity. Firstly, it was decided to adopt a temporal approach,thus identifying the various legislative interventions that have taken place over time. This was combined with an analysis of the specific contents of the aforementioned interventions, thus scrutinising the various regulations contained therein. The text is divided into four chapters, each identifying a precise period of time and therefore those complex rules and regulations that have given rise to today's civil proceedings, still in continuous evolution (CHAPTER I – Historical development, from the origins to the Novella of 1990; CHAPTER II – Reforms during the 90s; CHAPTER III - 2005 reforms; CHAPTER IV – The current situation and conclusions).
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