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Estetica trascendentale in musica La tonspsychologie di J.F. Herbart, M.W. Drobisch e C. Stumpf : dottorato di ricerca in filosofia : tesi dottorato

Moro, Nadia

Tesi o dissertazioni - 2009

Herbart and Stumpf wish to "rewrite" Kant's Transcendental Aesthetic into music. They offer a genetical interpretation of Kant's a priori intuition forms and replace transcendental investigation with scientific psychology. Forms – space, time, and musical relationships as well – stem from experience and their actual constitution can be psychologically accounted for. Herein lies the philosophical origin of "Tonpsychologie". Tonal fusion represents a key concept in the explanation of sound and it undergoes significant change between Herbart and Stumpf. Moreover, fusion involves further issues within the context of their philosophical and psychological theories: the whole-part relationship, the functionalistic view of mind and phenomena, the Gestalt. A proof of the systematic background of Tonpsychologie casts considerable doubt on commonly accepted interpretations contrasting Herbart's "atomism" to Stumpf's alleged "gestaltism". The historical and theoretical import of Herbart's and Stumpf's [...]
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