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Fenomenicita ed esistenza nella fenomenologia asoggettiva di Jan Patock : dottorato di ricerca in filosofia : tesi di dottorato

Pantano, Alessandra

Tesi o dissertazioni - 2009

Sommario in lingua inglese The main theme of this research is the phenomenality. Jan Patocka’s asubjective phenomenology distinguishes itself by the description of the plan of phenomenality, where beings can appear and that is indipendent from everything which appears in it. Only by an universalization of the phenomenological epoché, it is possible to turn our eyes towards the phenomenality itself and to understand its indipendence. To put the theme of the world and the consciousness between brackets means to discover the structure of phenomenality, which is constituted by what appears, to which something appears and the way of appearance. The word is the trascendental field of appearance. Everything appears in the world. It is the whole, always given and opened to the humain being. The subjectivity is a moment of the phenomenality that presupposes the relation with the world. It has a role that makes it an “existence”. It is that to which something appears. Finally the way of appearance: the characters of the phenomenality are “objective mediators” [...]
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