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La norma di veridicita : semiotica, metaetica, diritto : dottorato di ricerca in filosofia analitica e teoria generale del diritto : tesi di dottorato

Muffato, Nicola

Tesi o dissertazioni - 2009

ABSTRACT DOCTORAL THESIS: THE NORM OF TRUTHFULNESS: SEMIOTICS, METAETHICS, LAW The present thesis aims to explain the conceptual relations between threenotions - namely "assertion","lie" and "truthfulness" - by analysing afoundamental theoretical entity which is often called "norm of truthfulness".The inquiry applies the classical methods of analytic and ordinary-languagephilosophy to semiotics, metaethics, philosophy of law and theoreticaljurisprudence. In the first chapter I take pains to clarify, starting from an etymological point of view, my use of a series of terms and notions, and to draw a set of distinctions as that, for example, between "truthfulness", "sincerity" and "veracity". In the second chapter I am engaged in a critical reconstruction of a familiar and theoretically well-entrenched approach to the analysis of assertion according to which the very possibility of speech acts depends on ethicalconditions. The most important of these conditions is probably that the speaker sincerely believes what he asserts [...]
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