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Il rapporto tra norma e realta nella filosofia del linguaggio normativo di Umberto Scarpelli : dottorato di ricerca in filosofia analitica e teoria generale dei diritto : tesi di dottorato

Olivari, Alessandro <1981- >

Tesi o dissertazioni - 2009

My work focuses on a theme central to the analytic philosophy of law: the possibility to construe a theory of the relationship between norms and reality. The starting point of my analysis is to assume that norms and reality are commensurable entities and that norms are related to the world. Precisely I examine a definite question: Can norms elude a comparison with facts or reality? Contrary to neopositivist principle of verification a negative answer to this question is offered by Uberto Scarpelli’s ‘meaningful principle’. In the first part of the thesis I analyze the structure and the requisites of the ‘meaningful principle’ and I examine the relationship between normative propositions and reality. From the results of my research I propose a double revision of this principle. On the one hand, I separate the principle of meaningful into two sub-principles that I have called the principle of norm’s “semantic decidability” and the principle of norm’s “epistemic decidability”. On the other hand, I expand the entities that can be included under the principle of meaningful domain [...]
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