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Grazing incidence optics for future X-ray missions : design and development : dottorato di ricerca in fisica, astrofisica e fisica applicata : tesi di dottorato

Cotroneo, Vincenzo <1974- >

Tesi o dissertazioni - 2009

This thesis concerns the design and development of nested-shells Wolter-like telescopes. These telescopes are the de-facto standard for high resolution focusing telescopes. The design consists in identifying the best choice in terms of geometry and coatings, which together determine the on-axis and off-axis effective area of the telescope, the main merit parameter considered in this work. The development is the application of new kinds of coating to increase the reflectivity of the mirrors and, as a consequence, the effective area. A ray-tracing software for the calculation of the effective area of Wolter telescopes was realized and applied to the design of three future missions. Apart from the traditional coatings employed in X-ray telescopes, two kinds of innovative coatings are considered: metal films with carbon overcoating, and multilayer coatings. The former offer a cheap way to increase the reflectivity in the soft X-ray band, the latter allow to extend the operative band of focusing instruments in the hard X-ray spectral region [...]
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