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Integrals of motion : a minimal and a logarithmic CFT : dottorato di ricerca in fisica, astrofisica e fisica applicata : tesi di dottorato

Nigro, Alessandro <1980- >

Tesi o dissertazioni - 2009

This thesis deals with 2 examples of integrable lattice models, the Ising model (a unitary model), and Critical Dense Polymers (a so called Logarithmic model, which is non unitary). The 2 models belong to different universality classes, but strikingly they share a large number of common properties. Both possess commuting families of transfer matrices satisfying inversion identities which are surprisingly of the same form. Furthermore analyzing the Involutive charges of Zamolodchikov obtained from Thermodynamic Bethe Ansatz they are found to be given by basically the same expressions, the only difference being the selection rules for the different eigenstates. Both models are also in the universality class of free fermions, in one case a Majorana Fermion whereas in the other case a 2 component Symplectic Fermion. For the Logarithmic model the analogue of the involutive charges of Zamolodchikov are defined directly on the lattice in terms of the indecomposable representations of the Temperley Lieb Algebra [...]
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