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Kinetics of intra-molecular contact formation and end-to-end distance distributions of disordered polypeptides : dottorato di ricerca in fisica, astrofisica e fisica applicata : tesi di dottorato

Soranno, Andrea <1979- >

Tesi o dissertazioni - 2008

I tackled the problem of characterizing conformations and dynamics of unstructured polypeptides focusing on the study of the kinetics of intrachain contact formation in model disordered peptides and in a beta-hairpin peptide. I have assembled a new experimental apparatus for the measure of tryptophan-cysteine contact formation through the detection of the transient absorbance of the triplet state. This apparatus has been successfully used to study conformations and dynamics of model unstructured peptides, investigating the role of glycine and charged residues on the swelling of the chain. Contact formation experiments have been used in conjunction with FRET measurements to access the chain conformations of these model peptides. In order to interpret the results, I developed a toy model for the chain statistics in the presence of inter-residue repulsive interaction, allowing to characterize the behaviour of measured peptides in terms of simple interactions. I have extended the same approach [...]
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