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Interferenze tra movimento volontario e aggiustamenti posturali anticipatori durante i movimenti associati delle braccia e delle mani : dottorato di ricerca in fisiologia : tesi di dottorato

Rota, Viviana <1976- >

Tesi o dissertazioni - 2008

While sitting on a turnable stool, with both shoulders flexed at 90° or, alternatively, with arms parallel to the trunk and the elbows flexed at 90°—the hands being semisupine—subjects performed unidirectional and cyclic movements on the horizontal plane of the right arm (adduction– abduction) or hand (flexion–extension). The left arm was still, in a position symmetrical to that of the right limb and with the hand contacting a fixed support by the palmar or dorsal surface. During both unidirectional and cyclic arm or hand movements, activation of the prime mover muscles (right Pectoralis Major for arm adduction and Infraspinatus for abduction; right Flexor Carpi Radialis and Extensor Carpi Radialis for the hand movements) was accompanied by activation of the homologous muscles of the contralateral arm and inhibition of antagonists. The contralateral activities (1) regularly preceded the burst in the movement prime movers and (2) were organised in fixation chains that, exerting forces on [...]
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