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Analisi della via di segnalazione dell'ossido nitrico in cellule neuronali e non neuronali : dottorato di ricerca in fisiologia : tesi di dottorato

Usuelli, Vera <1979- >

Tesi o dissertazioni - 2008

Nitric Oxide is an essential signalling molecule which controls a range of cellular pathways and physiological processes. Nowadays, we know that the NO signalling pathway relays, amplifies and integrates signals from a variety of extra- and intracellular stimuli, thereby controlling genomic and physiological response of a cell to its environment. NO is known as an important second messenger mainly in neurons during neurotrasmission, in the regulation of vascular tone and the inflammatory reaction. One of the most interesting pathways in which NO is involved relates to the S-nitrosylation of Cysteine residues. To clarify if proteins of interest are indeed S-nitrosylated we have developed a method, the His-Tag Switch, to identify the Cys residues that undergo S-nitrosylation. After the testing phase, we applied the His-Tag Switch on soluble neuronal proteins from rat cerebral cortex and 28 modified Cys, belonging to 19 different proteins, were identified. After that we have begun to investigate [...]
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