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Is retinal arteriolar/venular ratio associated with cardiac and extracardiac organ damage in essential hypertension ? : dottorato di ricerca in fisiopatologia cardiovascolare

Meilikemu, Maisaidi <1971- >

Tesi o dissertazioni - 2008

ABSTRACT Aim: Whether retinal microvascular disease is associated with markers of cardiac and extracardiac organ damage (OD) in human hypertension is still unclear. We examined the relationship between retinal arteriolar-venular ratio (AVR) and left ventricular hypertrophy (LVH), carotid atherosclerosis and microalbuminuria (MA) in essential hypertension. Methods A total of 386 untreated and treated uncomplicated essential hypertensives (mean age 56±13 years) consecutively attending our hospital out-patient hypertension clinic were considered for the analysis. All subjects underwent extensive clinical and laboratory investigations including retinal AVR evaluation by a fully automated computer-assisted method, echocardiography and carotid ultrasonography. Results: Mean retinal AVR was 0.790±0.079 (range 0.530-0.990). In univariate analyses, AVR showed a significant inverse association with LV mass LVMI (r= –0.15, p=0.002) and carotid intima-media thickness (IMT) (r= –0.12, p=0.02); no relationship with MA was found [...]
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