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Letteratura e realismo : il caso Champfleury (1821-1889) : dottorato di ricerca in francesistica : tesi di dottorato

Bisogno, Stefania <1981- >

Tesi o dissertazioni - 2009

Research doctorate in French Studies – XX Course Miss Stefania Bisogno Matriculation No. R05973 Doctorate research thesis: Literature and Realism: the case of Champfleury (1821-1889) It is impossible to discuss French realism without alluding to Jules Champfleury, and it is impossible to mention this author without referring to the literary movement that changed the face of literature in the second half of the Nineteenth Century. This discussion aims to trace the possible development and semantic evolution of the term Realism, by highlighting elements of continuity that such a concept still maintains in our own century. We will start by examining the key moments of historical and literary transformation of réalisme, from its country of origin, Germany, to cultural France, where it was employed widely in an aesthetic, philosophical, literary and artistic context. It is in this context that we will discuss Jules Champfleury, who, by taking advantage of the social and political challenges [...]
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