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Influenza della trombosi portale sull'efficacia della terapia endoscopica delle varici esofagee con legatura elastica : dottorato di ricerca in gastroenterologia : tesi di dottorato

Fabris, Federica Margherita <1974- >

Tesi o dissertazioni - 2009

INFLUENCE OF PORTAL VEIN THROMBOSIS ON THE EFFICACY OF ENDOSCOPIC VARICEAL BAND LIGATION (EVL). Background: EVL is a therapeutic option to prevent bleeding from risky esophageal varices (EV) or rebleeding in patients with liver cirrhosis. However the influence of PVT on the efficacy of EVL has never been assessed. Aim: to assess the influence of PVT on the eradication rate and the time to eradication in patients with cirrhosis (with or without PVT) and patients with Primary PVT (EHPVO) undergoing EVL; to evaluate recurrence of EV and time to recurrence, bleeding from EV and bleeding-related mortality. Patients: 147 consecutive patients (males 71%; mean age 59.8 years), referred for EVL from Feb ‘95 to May ‘08: 116 cirrhosis without PVT (group 1), 18 cirrhosis and PVT (group 2) 13 EHPVO (group 3). Proportion treated for secondary prophylaxis: 27%, 39% and 85%, respectively. Mean follow-up:25.8 months (range 0.6-116.9; no difference within groups). Methods: EVL every 2 weeks until eradication [...]
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