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Epidemiology of parasitic infections in vertebrate hosts : methodological approaches using ecological indices and geographic information systems : dottorato di ricerca in igiene veterinaria e patologia animale : tesi di dottorato

Di Cerbo, Anna Rita <1969- >

Tesi o dissertazioni - 2009

ABSTRACT TESI DI DOTTORATO DI RICERCA Parasitic organisms are often neglected in the management and conservation of biological resources and ecosystems. Nevertheless, parasites constitute an important proportion of biodiversity. These pathogens play an important role in structuring ecological communities and the impact of parasitism on hosts is considerable. In this perspective, our researches have dealt of different species of vertebrate hosts by investigations of structure and temporal dynamics of gastrointestinal parasitic infections in wild and domestic populations and their implications to humans as for zoonotic species, and to zootechnical production in small ruminant farms. In particular, as parasites represent good models for investigations of ecological aspects, the sphere of our interest concerned helminth communities in wild carnivores and ungulates, parasite-host-environment relationships, and the descriptive environmental analysis of distribution of parasitic infections and inference [...]
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