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Hybridization framework for spatio-temporal objects analysis from videos : dottorato di ricerca in informatica : tesi di dottorato

Falcoz, Paolo <1979- >

Tesi o dissertazioni - 2009

The focus of our work is on a fusion framework for moving images analysis that takes the move from the growing inclusion of computer vision algorithms on small yet somewhat powerful devices like camera phones, cameras, and MIDs.Targeting market trends and STMicroelectronic's needs, we wanted our strategy to meet the following goals: 1. describe primitives and properties in a simple way;2. embed expert knowledge in the properties so that some sort of logical reasoning could automatically be done;3. use any of the fusion algorithms available;4. run without modifications on very different platforms like mobile phones, PCs, and set-top boxes, taking automatically care of the resources constraints.We start by introducing a compact XML data format to describe primitives, properties and constraints; simple -- with only 10 basic elements -- yet powerful enough to embed expert knowledge.Furthermore, make use of a dependencies resolution technique that allows to split constraints evaluation over consecutive frames, preserving their correctness [...]
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