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Preserving privacy in data outsourcing : dottorato di ricerca in informatica : tesi di dottorato

Foresti, Sara

Tesi o dissertazioni - 2009

Privacy requirements have an increasing impact on the realization of modern applications. Commercial and legal regulations demand that privacy guarantees be provided whenever sensitive information is stored, processed, or communicated to external parties. Current approaches encrypt sensitive data, thus reducing query execution efficiency and preventing selective information release. In this thesis, we present a comprehensive approach for protecting highly sensitive information when it is stored on systems that are not under the data owner's control. Our approach combines access control and encryption, enforcing access control via structured encryption. Our solution, coupled with efficient algorithms for key derivation and distribution, provides efficient and secure authorization management on outsourced data allowing the data owner to outsource not only the data but the security policy itself. To reduce the amount of data to be encrypted we also investigate data fragmentation as a possible [...]
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