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An information theoretic analysis of brain oscillations : dottorato in informatica : tesi di dottorato

Magri, Cesare <1980- >

Tesi o dissertazioni - 2009

Cerebral cortex is known to generate a wide range of rhythms during its function. These rhythms are believed to originate both from structural characteristics of the cortex and as results of cortical computation. One important question is to understand what is the role of these oscillations in sensation and in encoding of sensory information.The purpose of this work is to address directly these issues by developing techniques to analyze the information content of brain oscillations and to apply it to data from visual cortex to understand how these oscillations contribute to the representation of complex natural-like visual stimuli.In this work novel and principled methods will be presented which allow to compute the information content of extracellularly recorded signals and to determine optimal boundaries for partitioning the LFP range into sub-bands. These methods are based on information theory, the mathematical theory of communication. Results from the application of these procedure [...]
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