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e-Participation technologies to support digital citizenship : dottorato di ricerca in informatica : tesi di dottorato

Peraboni, Cristian <1978- >

Tesi o dissertazioni - 2009

Over the past two decades, citizens have made extensive and effective use of ICT in general, and of the net in particular, to support their activities. Community networks pioneered the use of net-based applications to enable grass-roots civic engagement and people’s active engagement in civic issues. More recently, Web 2.0 have enabled several new types of online social interactions. Within this context, the thesis investigate which - and in which way - tools can be conceived in order to build an e-participation environment able to facilitate effective and finalized social online interactions between citizens and public officers, and citizens’ inclusion in deliberative processes. E-participation software environments can be viewed as very early social machines that need to evolve through trial, use and refinement with a twofold goal: learning from the field experience success and failure lessons, and tuning the e-participation technologies. In particular the thesis is focused on the research [...]
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