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B. M. Ejchenbaum fra teoria letteraria e scrittura artistica. Il romanzo Marsrut 5. Bessmertie (1933) : dottorato di ricerca in letterature slave moderne e contemporanee : tesi di dottorato

Fratto, Elena <1980- >

Tesi o dissertazioni - 2009

ELENA FRATTO, B.M. Ejchenbaum fra teoria e scrittura artistica. Il romanzo Maršrut v bessmertie (1933). Abstract This dissertation explores the “dialogic” interactions between literature and literary theory in Boris Eikhenbaum’s novel Marshrut v bessmertie (1933). Through a narratological and stylistic analysis of Eikhenbaum’s text, featuring a complex structure of thematic and intonational layers, and the definition of its role within the Russian literary milieu of the late 1920s, this research aims at showing how the novel stages its author’s meditations about both the limits and the possibilities of the newly-born Formal method and, at the same time, his searching for a new, post-formalist self-definition.
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