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Coherent features in a microscopic nonlinear model of matter-radiation interaction : dottorato di ricerca in matematica : tesi di dottorato

Brugna, Carlo <1969- >

Tesi o dissertazioni - 2009

Summary In the present work three generalizations of Carati-Galgani models are discussed. The first generalization concerns the case of planar motions of the interacting dipoles along a chain. The main result is that, in the linearized case, non-radiating normal mode solutions in which all dipoles move on circular orbits do exist. Analogous solutions are obtained when the linear mechanical restoring force is substituted by an arbitrary nonlinear central force (typically the Coulomb one). The second generalization concerns the motion in the presence of an external magnetic field normal to the chain. It is found that the dispersion relation remains essentially unchanged, except for circular orbits. In this case the variation of the frequency turns out to be proportional to the intensity of the applied magnetic field, as it is found in the classical description of Zeeman effect for a single atom basis. Last, a new method to study the intrinsic nonlinearities of the coupled system electromagnetic field + particles is introduced [...]
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