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Functional analysis of EPN3 expression in human tumors

Serio, Gaetana <1979- >

Tesi o dissertazioni - 2009

ABSTRACT EPN3 belongs to the Epsin family of endocytic proteins. Unlike other Epsin members which are ubiquitously expressed, EPN3 is known to be prevalently expressed under pathological conditions, such as wound healing and ulcerative colitis. Furthermore, EPN3 has also been found to be present in a breast cancer ‘metastasis signature’ predictive of metastatic relapse in lymph node negative breast cancer patients. In this study, I have analyzed the expression of EPN3 in human breast cancers by tissue microarray analysis and have demonstrated that it is indeed overexpressed in approximately 30% of the breast tumors. Although EPN3 expression at the mRNA level does not have prognostic value it significantly correlates with clinical indicators indicative of an aggressive phenotype, such as poorly differentiated and highly proliferating tumors. Furthermore, I have also shown that the EPN3 gene is amplified in 18% of human primary breast tumors and that EPN3 amplification correlates with transcript and protein levels in primary breast tumors and breast cancer cells, respectively [...]
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