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Validazione e mappaggio di geni candidati per la qualita della carne suina identificati mediante analisi microarray : dottorato di ricerca in produzioni animali : tesi di dottorato

Iacuaniello, Stefania <1976- >

Tesi o dissertazioni - 2009

Identification of Porcine Candidate Genes Affecting Meat Quality In Ham By Means of Microarray Analyses In order to identify candidate genes and molecular mechanisms that influence meat quality and production of hams in pigs, microarray experiments were carried out to find differences in gene expression levels between two pools of six individuals, constituting the extreme tails of the Gaussian distribution of seven adjusted phenotypes of 100 Landrace and Large White animals. The phenotypes considered in this study were: muscle compactness, marbling, colour, dorsal fat, thickness, ham fat thickness. 437 differentialy expressed ESTs (Expressed Sequence Tags) were found, clustering categories were identified and ten of them could have a role in meat quality. Among the ESTs (Expressed Sequence Tags) belonging to these pathways, seven of them were validated in quantitative Real-Time PCR. and they can be considered candidate genes for meat quality. In fact, these genes were upregulated in metabolism [...]
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