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Metodi quantitativi e molecolari per la selezione in zootecnia : stima dei parametri genetici per fenotipi produttivi e ricerca di geni candidati in popolazioni suine : dottorato di ricerca in produzioni animali : tesi di dottorato

Moro, Stefano

Tesi o dissertazioni - 2009

The Italian swine zootecnical system it’s geared toward the production of the “heavy pig” slaughtered at 170 ± 5 Kg . In Italy, this kind of pig represents one of the most important object of the scientific research regarding animal performances and food quality. For this reason we decided to investigate some aspects of this particular production with a main focus on the genetic determinism of phenotypes with a great impact on the economic value of animals and products. This paper reports methods and results from three experiments, in particular, we illustrated two principal methods available in genetic research: quantitative analysis and molecular/bioinformatics analysis. The first and the second chapters refer to statistical modelling methods in quantitative genetics analysis (animal model) for the estimation of genetic parameters in swine population. The last chapter shows a new bioinformatics tool used to analyze molecular genetics data (i.e. microarray analysis). Therefore we illustrated examples and solutions in according to the different analysis approach [...]
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