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Gruppo di studio ECMM-FIMUA. Micosi profonde in terapia intensiva : risultati di due anni di sorveglianza : dottorato di ricerca in sanita pubblica : tesi di dottorato

Dho, Giovanna <1973- >

Tesi o dissertazioni - 2009

The incidence of fungal infections is increasing in critically ill patients as a result of advances in life-support systems. Evidence is accumulating that invasive fungal infections pose a vital threat to critically ill Intensive Care Units (ICU) patients even in absence of severe immunosuppression. Candida species are the fourth most common group of organisms isolated from bloodstream infections and approximately 40% of cases of candidaemia in Europe has been reported in ICU.The European Confederation of Medical Mycology (ECMM) launched a survey on deep seated Candida infctions in ICU surgical patients and 17 European country have partecipate to the study. In Italy the project was expanded to all Icu patients and to the deep seated fungal infection including also Aspergillus and other mould infections. The Italian survey started on May 2006 and ended on April 2008. Twenty seven centers have agreed to the project.Each participating centre had to report the case to the Coordinator of the [...]
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