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Precarieta e innovazione del postfordismo. Una ricerca qualitativa sui lavoratori della conoscenza a Torino : dottorato di ricerca in scienze del lavoro : tesi di dottorato

Armano, Emiliana

Tesi o dissertazioni - 2009

Abstract: The research casts a critical eye over experience and subjectivity within the field of knowledge work in Turin, a city in transition to a new cycle of productions tied to knowledge and events economy where the deinstitutionalization of work routines entails the increase of risk and the emergence of previously unknown forms of both innovation and precariousness. The empirical qualitative research highlightes a reservoir of substantive categories emerging from the coding of the narratives. They revolve around the informal nature of the relations in the field that is central to an understanding of the individuals’ work biographies. Informality means networking and liquid norms that demand commitment to work, accountability to clients, and reciprocity among colleagues and, therefore, expose to informal sanctions. But informality contains a deep ambivalence that recasts the notions of precariousness and innovation. One the one hand, it is experienced as an innovative way of obtaining opportunities, relations and learning [...]
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