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Trade union representation of migrant workers. A comparison between the dutch and the italian cases : dottorato di ricerca in scienze del lavoro : tesi di dottorato

Marino, Stefania <1977- >

Tesi o dissertazioni - 2009

Abstract The relationship between trade unions and migrant workers has been a matter of increasing concern within the European trade union debate, starting from the decades following World War II. In this period, in fact, Western European countries that had been involved in the war started recruiting ‘guest-workers’ from Mediterranean countries to face labour shortages originated by the reconstructing projects and to fuel the post-war economic boom (Castel, 1986). Trade unions acquired an important role, not only on the immediate provision of support to those workers but also as actors for their long-run integration in the host society. This function has not lost its relevance nowadays. Instead, it has acquired new importance, especially in consideration of the increasing social and institutional racism that is spreading in many European countries. Xenophobic discourses by prominent political leaders, neo-nationalism and episodes of violence have become dangerously manifest in some societies [...]
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