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TRKB receptor : differential modulation of fear learning through different phosphorylation sites. An insight in the different roles played by the PLCy and Shc docking sites on TrkB and a proteomic approach : dottorato di ricerca in scienze genetiche e biomolecolari : tesi di dottorato

Musumeci, Gabriele <1981- >

Tesi o dissertazioni - 2009

SUMMARY Understanding the modulation of the neural circuitry of fear is an important aim in neurobiology. We had an insight in the way TrkB, a neurotrophin tyrosine kinase receptor, is involved in this feature. Moreover, we describe our progress on a proteomic approach we have undertaken hoping to start solving the signalling mechanism in neural functions. LTP in amygdala is necessary for fear conditioning (FC) to occur and TrkB is required as well. Protein phosphorylation in response to external stimuli is considered a major mechanism underlying dynamic changes in neural circuitry. TrkB modulates synaptic plasticity and activates signal transduction pathways mainly through two major phosphorylation sites (Y515/Shc-site; Y816/PLCgamma-site). To identify the molecular pathways downstream of TrkB we have used highly defined genetic mouse models carrying a point mutation at the above phosphorylation sites and examined the physiological relevance of pathways activated through these sites during FC [...]
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