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Transcriptional analysis of apple fruit development and mapping of expressed sequences putatively controlling fruit quality : dottorato di ricerca in scienze genetiche e biomolecolari : tesi di dottorato

Soglio, Valeria <1976- >

Tesi o dissertazioni - 2008

Abstract The aim of the present PhD project is the development of useful molecular tools to improve the selection of apple fruit quality traits, meeting breeders’ demands and satisfying consumer requests. A new set of 148 apple microsatellite markers has been developed and mapped on the apple reference linkage map Fiesta x Discovery. One-hundred and seventeen markers were developed from genomic libraries enriched with SSR repeats; 31 were developed from ESTs. cDNA microarray was used to identify genes whose expression changes during fruit development, thus potentially involved in fruit quality traits. The expression profile of 1536 transcripts was analysed by microarray hybridization. A total of 177 genes resulted to be differentially expressed in at least one of the developmental stages considered. Gene ontology annotation was employed to univocally describe gene function, while cluster analysis allowed grouping genes according to their expression profile. An overview of the transcriptional changes and of the metabolic pathways involved in fruit development was obtained [...]
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