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Preferenze autoecologiche di invertebrati bentonici fluviali a diverse scale spaziali nel contesto dei cambiamenti globali : dottorato di ricerca in scienze naturalistiche e ambientali : tesi di dottorato

Armanini, David Giordano <1981- >

Tesi o dissertazioni - 2009

Summary The main body of the present thesis is divided into three sections and include papers submitted or in press in peer-reviewed journals. In the first section, two articles are devoted to the discussion of the biological relevancy of a new hydromorphological descriptor called Lentic-lotic River Descriptor (LRD), which defines local hydraulic conditions. The first paper demonstrated that, in nearly natural environments, local hydraulic conditions are the most important variables in structuring benthic community. The second paper showed how local hydraulic conditions act as a cofounding factor in assessing water quality using benthic invertebrate metrics. In the second section, two papers analyzed different aspects of Diptera Chironomidae composition in Mediterranean rivers. Both papers are based on a dataset of permanent Mediterranean rivers from Southern Italy (Cilento, SA). The first paper showed how Chironomid taxa respond to changes in water quality and especially to organic pollution, [...]
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