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"Repubblichine" e collaborazioniste : le donne nella rsi tra mito e realta : dottorato di ricerca in societa europea e vita internazionale : tesi di dottorato

Cairoli, Roberta <1973- >

Tesi o dissertazioni - 2009

This dissertation presents a path that coversmany research areas of computer science, information theory andmolecular biology and that goes from data to clustering and then tofeature selection. The problem that it is faced is ultimately trying toexplain a hidden or even completely unknown phenomenon going back up tofeatures used to describe it.A two-steps feature selection procedure has been set up:we first map original input space (with BICA algorithm, implemented with a MLP Neural Network) in a binary space where features areboolean and statistically independent, then we use a learning algorithm(we used STATEX, a greedy statistical algorithm, and an ensemble of SVM)both to cluster records and for a first feature selection step (featureselection, in this case, is a part of the clustering process itself);the second step is the backpropagation of the features previouslydeleted over the input space.For having a ultimate result coming out from SVM ensemblewe set up a dynamic threshold, whose [...]
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