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Negocier avec les Suisses au siecle des Lumieres : la ragion di Stato a l'epreuve des reforme dans les relations entre Milan et le Corps helvetique (1706-1796) : dottorato di ricerca in storia : tesi di dottorato

Salvi, Elisabeth

Tesi o dissertazioni - 2009

Salvi Elisabeth, Negotiating with the Swiss at the age of Enlightenment The ragion di Stato put to the test in the relations between Milan and the Corps helvétique (1706-1796). The thesis examines the relations between the duchy of Milan and the Corps helvétique in the evolution of the Westphalian system. It defines the way the reforms of the land register, the army, the administration, the economy or even the education, set up the case of the relations between Swiss and Austrian Lombardy as a model of Enlightenment, where good vicinity tends to replace warlike threat. The study of the old alliances of the Milanese and the permanence of the Spanish legacy in its relations with the Corps helvétique give an account, in a first part, of the methods with which the reason of State presents the modernity of the Austro-Lombard practices to integrate the duchy into the monarchy of Habsbourg. The next three chapters set out to show the impact of the administrative reforms which start a political [...]
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