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L'industria nel mondo tra nuova dislocazione e maturita (1945-2005). Aspetti storici e teorici dei processi di deindustrializzazione : dottorato di ricerca in societa europea e vita internazionale nell'eta moderna e contemporanea : tesi di dottorato

Vergallo, Luigi

Tesi o dissertazioni - 2009

After the studies of Daniel Bell and Alain Touraine, in the Seventies began a debate regarding the so-called post-industrial society. It was not about deindustrialization in a proper sense: the topic was the intrinsic growth of services. The information technology and its industrial use for automatic control increased the enthusiasm for this point of view. A few years later, around 1977, the “Cambridge Scolol” introduced the word deindustrialization in economic studies. The major worry was the British economy growing need to import industrial assets. That need had a bad influence on the balance. It was removing resources from investments, creating a dangerous and depressive spiral which seemed to be about to compress the local industry because of the substitution of local products with those coming from aboard. Since then the deindustrialization has become a clichè. During the last decades an impressive growth of the adjust value produced by the industry and of the percentage of employment in the sector has been registered in some areas of the planet [...]
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