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"Dell'alienar capitali e prender danari ad interesse" : l'attivita di credito della congrega apostolica di Brescia nell'ultimo secolo della dominazione veneta : dottorato di ricerca in storia dell'impresa, dei sistemi d'impresa e finanza aziendale : tesi di dottorato

Dotti, Marco <1978- >

Tesi o dissertazioni - 2009

ABSTRACT Dell'’alienar capitali e prender danari ad interes. The credit aactivity of the "Congrega Apostolica" from Brescia in the last century of the Venetian dominion The goal of this research is to investigate into the financial activity of an important pious institution of Brescia (near Milan), the “Congrega della Carità Apostolica”, from the last years of the 17th century to the end of the Venice Republic dominion. One of the main objective of the lay institution was to assist the spreading “shameful povery”. Even though the fraternal order did not omit to carry out its traditional charity and assistance activity, it gradually moved towards financial operations. Thanks to the documents of the rich archives of the Congrega Apostolica it was possible to trace, not only the anatomy of the credit activity - size, features and tools - but also its physiology, descovering the central links of a thick and complex urban network. The research also drew upon the documents of the State Archives of Venice, Brescia, the Civil Historical Archives, beside others local archives [...]
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