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Ethnic business italiano. Studio sull'imprenditorialita degli immigrati italiani a Francoforte : dottorato di ricerca in storia dell'impresa, dei sistemi d'impresa e finanza aziendale : tesi di dottorato

Galster, Sonia

Tesi o dissertazioni - 2009

The research investigates the strategies and perspectives of Italian migrant entrepreneurs engaged in Italian ethnic businesses in Frankfurt, Germany. Historical origins of contemporary Italian ethnic business can be found in the Italian tradition (of the modern and pre-modern age) of entrepreneurial or professional and skilled migration, different and separated from the well known labor migration of the eighteenth and nineteenth century. The main intent of the research is to analyse the relationship of Italian ethnic business with contemporary society and socio-economic changes (transformed by post-industrial capitalism, post-material values and multicultural models). In this context, the most remarkable characteristic is the economic use of material and symbolic categories of migration’s pattern (such as identity, diversity, integration, transnationalism) made by “cultural” and “postmodern” entrepreneurship. Thanks to this feature, contemporary Italian ethnic business shows higher innovation capacity and competitiveness than expected [...]
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