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Le strategie comunicative nell'affermazione del potere di Raimondo Della Torre patriarca di Aquileia nel 13. secolo : dottorato di ricerca in storia medievale : tesi di dottorato

Demontis, Luca

Tesi o dissertazioni - 2009

LUCA DEMONTIS - ABSTRACT Communication strategies towards power of Raimondo della Torre, patriarch of Aquileia in the XIII century In the second half of the 13th century the della Torre family rises to power in Milan and establishes international alliances to support its power. By growing in this environment, Raimondo della Torre acquires profound political and diplomatic experience, that will sustain his political ambitions over the patriarchate of Aquileia, to which he is appointed in 1273 by pope Gregorio X. Then in 1274 he arrives to Friuli with a sumptuous and numerous court and officially takes power over the patriarchate of Aquileia. In his princedom Raimondo promotes a number of innovative strategies in the communication of politics: he creates an efficient chancery and chooses several Milanese and Lombard counsellors; gives more importance to feudal and religious ceremonies; embarks on several propagandistic trips through the patriarchate; and unifies in his government both religious faith and state affairs [...]
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